Environmental & Agricultural Academy Preparing the next generation of Environmental and Agricultural Professionals

Learn how you can earn up to 8 college credits while you fulfill high school requirements.

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This program is designed to provide hands on learning experiences in the areas of current and emerging environmental and agricultural careers. These two complementary, stand-alone programs allow for students to study careers in crop and food production systems, biological systems, and environmental conservation, as well as agricultural technical systems such as drone mapping and robotics.

Explore in person, current and emerging careers in this exciting field. Engage your mind while getting your hands dirty in this now cleaner than ever field.

How It All Happens

Members of the agricultural industry in our region told us that there are growing employment opportunities for the next generation to meet the ever-evolving nature of their fields. Working together with component district counselors and administrators, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Jefferson Community College, and employers, the team designed the Agriculture Academy. Because of their research, key components of the program include career exploration focused on emerging technologies, high level problem-solving, college credits, and hands-on experiences located directly in our businesses or farms.

The program builds on strong relationships with BOCES, local environmental & agriculture businesses, colleges and the component school districts.

Preparing for a Future

Today’s agricultural industry plays a key role in environmental sustainability. Through the use of existing and emerging technology, it has transformed into a modern and environmentally responsible field.

This cutting-edge program is designed to prepare technically oriented students for continuing education and/or employment in growing careers such as biological technician, animal scientist, environmental conservation, agriculture business and more.

Students will gain professional, collaboration and communication skills, as well as technical skills that are most in demand by employers in today’s most exciting and creative fields.

When students complete the program successfully, they will be on their way to an Associate's degree. They will be sought after by employers and ready to continue with their Associate's or to apply to any other college of their choice.

Career Opportunities & Potential Salaries*

  • Environmental Engineer Technicians - Median annual wage of $50,560
  • Remote Sensing Scientists and Technologists - Median annual wage of $107,230
  • Agricultural Engineers - Median annual wage of $77,110
  • Animal Scientists - Median annual wage of $58,380
  • Green Marketers - Median annual wage of $117,130
  • Farm workers and Laborers - Median annual wage of $24,320
  • Farm & Ranch Managers - Median annual wage of $67,950

Interested in environmental or agriculture fields but need help determining your career path?

*New York State median. Based on information provided by NYS Department of Labor 2018

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