A Series Of Unfortunate Events Book by: Daniel Handler & Spark Page by: Poshan Lamsal


Violet, Klaus, and Sunny (Baudelaire) get faced with a disaster. Their parents die in a fire and there whole house burns down, since they are not old enough to receive their parents fortune they are relocated by Mr. Poe (was told by their parents to do so) to a near relative. Which is Count Olaf since there was no other near relative that they knew he agreed to "take care of them" but he's not interested in taking care of them but getting his filthy hands on their fortune in any cost. It a journey where the kids have to survive the terror of Count Olaf until later when they meet up with Mr. Poe and have the courage and time to tell him about what's happening and hope they will get relocated once again.

In the book Count Olaf's house was very scary looking and described as horrible place to stay while his neighbor's(Justice Strauss) house was said to be very clean, well decorated and very pretty. She had a library which helped the kids get entertained and she was also very nice and helped them through out the story.
They had to share one bed and the living conditions where really bad.
Through out the whole story Count Olaf is trying to steal the kid's fortune left by their parents.

Personal Review

I think the book can be read by anyone over 10 years old. It has have some evil and dark moments, and some humor as well. If your too young the humor will most likely fly over your head so I do recommend over 10 years old. Also the book incudes some sinister thoughts and jokes which might not be appropriate for younger audience. I would say people who like a long stories with a lot of mystery and unexpected events would like this book; since this book does have 13 books. Each individual book might be a little short which will make you think the whole story was short, but on paper it's a very long series. I specially enjoyed the book for it's almost sinister events and the attempt to do them. I would say if your over 10 years old and under 18-21 years old you should give this book a go.

"The children looked from the well-scrubbed house of Justice Strauss to the dilapidated one next door. The bricks were stained with soot and grime. There were only two small windows, which were closed with the shades drawn even though it was a nice day. Rising above the windows was a tall and dirty tower that tilted slightly to the left. The front door needed to be repainted, and carved in the middle of it was an image of an eye. The entire building sagged to the side, like a crooked tooth."


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