Shakespeare aj jonasson period 3

Thesis: Who was Shakespeare and how did he impact the life of theater and literature?

Early Life:

"During Shakespeare’s infancy, his father was one of the town’s leading citizens. In 1557, John Shakespeare had become a member of the town council and subsequently held such offices as constable and chamberlain; in 1568, he became bailiff (mayor) and justice of the peace. As the son of a municipal officer, the young Shakespeare was entitled to a free education in the town’s grammar school, which he probably entered around the age of seven. The school’s main subject was Latin studies, grammar and readings drilled into the schoolboys year after year" (Harold). As a child William was born into a family where his father was part of the town council and was involved in the municipal office. Since his father was well known, he was offered free schooling. Shakespeare was taught reading skills, proper grammar, and Latin every year until he was finished with school. Shakespeare was a very intelligent student. In school he was in Latin, reading, and grammar. This probably helped him develop his excellent writing skills in theater.

Middle life:

"...sometime between 1585 and 1592 Shakespeare became involved in London’s theater world" (Gaines). The author explains to us that after William was married and had children he became more involved with exposing his writings to the theaters in London. Because Shakespeare got involved with the theater at this time, this was the beginning of his entire life within theater, plays, and poems.

Middle Life:

"In 1592 a bitter playwright, Robert Greene, published a deathbed confessional that includes an attack on other dramatists including Shakespeare..." (Gaines). This is evident because it gives an example how Shakespeare was very involved with plays. He was in many plays during his life, which may have gotten him more known in theater. I believe that this is one of many reasons that Shakespeare influenced theater today because if he never let his poems, plays, and stories known, theater today would be very different.

Middle life:

"Within a few years Shakespeare was among the players in the Lord Chamberlain’s company. During the period of 1592-94, when the theaters were closed because of the high number of plague deaths, Shakespeare wrote two long narrative poems, Venus and Adonis and The Rape of Lucrece (simply Lucrece on the title page), published with dedications to his patron, Henry Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton, and signed “William Shakespeare.” These poems were much admired" (Gaines). This quote is substantiate because it shows that William still continued to create stories and make plays, because he was very passionate about it. Shakespeare still wrote even after the theaters closed down, if he had not continued to write, I don't think that our literature and such would be as nearly as how it is today.

Middle Life:

"During this period, Shakespeare and his fellow Lord Chamberlain’s Men acted in England’s first purpose-built theater, called simply the Theatre" (Gaines). Barry explains that while the main theater was closed, Shakespeare built a whole new theater because he really wanted his narrative poems to be created into a play so he made his won theater to preform in. I think that what William did is so impressive. Not very many people will put in that much work for something their passionate about, this is one of the reasons Shakespeare really did influence theater today.

Middle life:

"Shakespeare’s vocabulary of about 29,000 words is remarkably rich. Like his fellow writers, he put old words to new uses, borrowed from other languages, and invented new terms" (Lander). William created so many new words, and even changed the meaning of existing words. If Shakespeare never changed and created words, then our language would be different in many ways.

Middle life:

"...people came lo the Globe over four days to see Much Ado About Nothing. a production specially created for them" (Banks). After the theater closed down because of the plague, William Shakespeare created and built his own theater. Many people came from all over to come and act and watch the plays. Without William building the Globe theater, I think that today's theater life would be different in many ways. Theater could have possible been history by now.

Globe Theater now

Late Life:

"...The Tempest, written about 1610, was Shakespeare’s last play" (Lander). This quote is explaining that in the last few years of his life, he was in many plays, but his very last play he was ever in, was The Tempest. The Tempest is known to be a play that gives an uplifting sprit and be very encouraging to others. This is a great last play he was in because he will be most likely remembered to be in that play, that makes you feel joyful and be happy.

Late life:

"Shakespeare was the sole author of only three plays—Cymbeline,The Tempest, and The Winter’s Tale" (Lander). William worked so hard throughout his to become a wonderful writer. He influenced the theater world because of his talents. If he stopped writing our grammar and even theater would not be the same compared to todays grammar and theater.

Late life:

" independent library in Washington, D.C., houses one of the world's most important collections of books by and about William Shakespeare" (Folger). Even after William Shakespeare died he still influenced many people's lives and theater. To this day many decades later, people still love Shakespeare and cherish his lovely plays and poems.

Folger Shakespeare Library


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