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Girlpuppy is a rising Indie music artist that creates mystic art of one’s real problems. Love. Her first single, “For You” is a flowing love song that was released during quarantine earlier this year. The song gives off good vibes and leaves the listener wanting more. Her second single, “Cheerleader” takes a slightly different turn into the relationship she strongly writes about. This break-up song is a perfect folk, Indie jam. Girlpuppy, out of Atlanta, Ga will be on your radar soon!

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"For You" is an April released love song by Girlpuppy

"My second single 'Cheerleader', is a breakup song that I co-wrote with Marshall Vore, who is now my producer. " - Girlpuppy

Both singles, produced by Vore, will appear on Girlpuppy’s upcoming EP

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