Crevolution Takes Center Stage in center line Aubrey Stellman

UCS's FIRST Robotics Team #2851, Crevolution, competed in Center Line the weekend of March 14th. Since it was their first competition of the 2019 season, hopes were high going in.

The team worked hard to have a good showing in Center Line, having spent a great deal of time working on their robot, Asteria, over build season. Many meetings were held during that six-week interval, and several of them lasted at least six hours. It was clear that 2851 hoped to have the best season that they could.

The FIRST Robotics Competition's game for the 2019 season is called Destination: Deep Space. It begins with a 15-second "Sandstorm Period" during which the drivers' view is obstructed. Then comes the teleoperated period, where robots attempt to score two types of game pieces: cargo, a large rubber ball that is placed in the containers on the field, and hatch panels, circular pieces of plexiglass used to seal the containers' openings. Finally, each match ends with the 30-second "Endgame," during which robots may climb onto one of three platforms in front of the Alliance Station.

Team 2851 ended up advancing to the finals at Center Line, after ranking eighth and having the second-best score at the competition for delivering cargo. You can see them in action during one of their Center Line matches below.

In the finals, Crevolution and its alliance faced off against the top team in the state of Michigan, Team #33, the Killer Bees. They defeated the Killer Bees in the first finals match of the three; making them some of the only teams in the state thus far to win against Team 33 this season.

In the other two matches, however, the Bees took the win. Crevolution and its two alliance partners became the competition's finalists.

Even though Team 2851 didn't get to take home the blue banner for winning the Center Line competition, they still were overjoyed to be the event's finalists. In addition, they won the district's Team Spirit Award, sponsored by FCA Foundation, for their continuous cheering, high energy, and devotion to the team.


Andrew Kleehammer FIRST in Michigan/TheBlueAlliance Crevolution Team 2851

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