Georgia neese gray americas dreamer

Born Richland Kansas in 1895.

died in 1995 in Topeka Kansas

she went to new york to live her dream

she is a acter and a dreamer

if she was alive i would ask her who her hero

shes a reminder to the girls out there that they can do anything

Girls can do anything if they dream

You can live your dream

the end


Created with images by ErikaWittlieb - "crib nursery baby" • Martin Pettitt - "Long Melford 18-9-2011" • Marcela McGreal - "New York in December" • Pexels - "audience backlit band" • ErikaWittlieb - "superman superhero cape" • thethreesisters - "Vintage girl" • Alexas_Fotos - "live your dream motivation incentive" • davebloggs007 - "The end of the road"

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