A Client said, I have a story to tell, can you help?

We create the most compelling visual content for successful communication to meet and exceed our client's expectations.

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Motion Overview

Our Process + Vision

Our What:

  • We position these visuals for the entity's stakeholders to experience the full scope of an enterprise, from the founding vision, to the processes, products or services that the entity creates or offers. This can be directed either as internally facing media or external facing to the the community, vendors, investors and customers.

Our Why:

  • We are deeply committed to our craft and our creativity to content that compels and excites. We tell your story with passion and excitement. We understand that each business or institution is uniquely different. That is why we work so hard to discover the essence of your vision, so we can create the visual vocabulary that resonates with it.

Our How:

  • We use a variety of media: photography, motion, time lapse, motion graphics, copy writing and graphic design, to put the best words and visuals into telling your story.

Our Where:

Regionally or nationally, within your business or out in the world. We tell stories where they happen.

"How do I use these stories?"

We help you communicate to your customers and stakeholders.

  • Brand awareness
  • Corporate vision in print and website
  • Specific product or service awareness
  • Training videos
  • Social media visuals
  • Broadcast media
  • Website media and content
  • Hero stories for your clients. "Why you are a valuable partner?."
  • Investor relations - telling your best story with vision and clarity.
  • Recruiting - telling your best story as an employer.
  • To your prospective clients - helping them to see new solutions to their problems, solutions that you offer.
  • To your local community - telling the story of your positive impact.

Our discovery process- First - We ask questions:

  • Who are you? Small business, large institution, NFP, municipality, large corporation?
  • What is the entity's vision and mission?
  • What is the scope of your products or services?
  • What media resources do you currently use? Are they effective?
  • Are your looking at branding media or specific use media?
  • What are your media needs? Web, social, print, trade show, broadcast?
  • What platforms will you use this media on?
  • Are we working with you on strategic or specific goals?
  • What is the story you see?
  • What is the production time frame?
  • What is the level of investment your are thinking is needed to make this effective?
  • Value proposition is this a cost or an investment in your brand?
  • Do you have project parameters that need to be integrated into this?
  • How can we help you achieve these goals?

What we do:

  • Jointly identify and define your needs.
  • We do our research.
  • We concept the look and feel of the story/media.
We use all of this to then create a visual vocabulary for you to use to tell your story. We are visual storytellers, crafting the message and content that will put your best values and strengths forward.

All this, so your stakeholders can know and appreciate you better.

From a specific video or photography need, to a full media and visuals package, we have you covered. Our approach and solutions are fully scalable. From your first foray into photography and video, all the way to a multi-year business development and communications platform.

Please take the time to review our samples and websites to see how we have helped others. Our people and tools are some of the best available in the industry. Let us know how we can help you. Please do not hesitate to ask questions and let me know when I can stop by to explore the possibility.

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