Fire safety By maIson

The reason that fire acres. Is because of food left on the turn on oven and candles

A lot of fire is prevented by fire extinguisher

A way you know that a fire is happening is with your smoke alarm

A fire extinguisher is a good choice to put out a fire

An escape plan is a good way to save a life

A way to prevent a fire is to not smoke or this will happen

A smart way to save a life is to run out of the house

If you are in a fire don't get burned or this will happen

That is ways to stay safe in a fire 😁🔥👍


Created with images by LearningLark - "Bring on the Kerosene" • .reid. - "365::32 - love is a burning thing" • seanmfreese - "Day 341: P.A.S.S." • Sean MacEntee - "Fire Escape Plan" • SkyFireXII - "Log Fire" • bradleygee - "running" • manhhai - "1972 Woman Carries Burned Child after Napalm Drop @ Trang Bang - Press Photo"

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