HEATHERS Plant Nursery at Government House

There are over 1300 varieties of heather. The ones we sell are grown from a private collection and are usually hard or impossible to find in local nurseries. An additional benefit is that the varieties we grow are proven to do well in local conditions. We make it super easy to get the right plants for your garden and everyone is invited to browse and buy what they wish.

Heathers are immigrants from Europe where they usually grow on treeless marginal land. This means that they like full sun, moist soil and are not used to an oversupply of nutrients.

A carefully designed heather bed can provide year-round colour either through the blossom or foliage. The latter can be very dramatic. You can get the varieties individually or better still, choose one or more of our 9 plant kits. This year, we are offering kits with the following titles:- 'SUMMER CHOICE' and 'FOLIAGE'. Kits include suggestions for layout based on growth habits. If you buy individually, get 5 plants per squ. metre.

."Foliage" kit of 9 plants.
"Summer Choice" kit of 9 plants.

Heathers often gather around gas stations and look awful. If spent blooms are not pruned off in April, flower production is reduced and the plant becomes scruffy. However, a well designed and well cared for heather bed can be thing of great beauty.

We also have taller shrub-like heathers that are very easy to grow. Called 'Tree Heaths', they reach about 5 feet in 10 years and flower Feb to May. If you want colour before the rhodos then this is the answer.

Tree heaths at Easter

The link below will help you prune your heathers to get the very best performance possible from your plants. Make sure your device audio is turned on as there is a commentary on the link.

The plant nursery is open every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Visit us for many pleasant surprises. Cash, credit or debit. Follow the links below for our other theme collections.

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