Mapplewell Primary School EYFS Transition eyfs transition information 2020/2021

Our School Vision

Welcome to Mapplewell Primary School. It's the start of a very exciting journey for your child and we want you to feel happy and confident.

We are in uncertain times but we hope that we are can give you enough information to answer your many questions.

During your child's time in foundation stage they will make friends, develop their confidence through new experiences and develop their reading, writing and maths skills.

Our partnership as teacher and parent is crucial in your child's development, to ensure that your child has a positive attitude towards their education and for us to get to everything about your child.

Our Foundation Stage Curriculum

Building upon play

A child's time in Foundation Stage is an exciting stage in their development where the different areas for development come together to develop the whole child. Through our play-based curriculum children learn new skills which are embedded throughout their time in foundation stage and develop a love for learning.

The Foundation Stage Curriculum is divided into 7 areas of learning. There are three prime areas for development and four specific areas of development.

Through careful planning and observing based around a play-based environment, each of the areas will be developed through both child-led and adult-initiated learning.

On a daily basis assessments identifies your child's individuals needs which are then targeted through objective-led planning. Their learning journey is recorded on Early Essence which as parents /carers you play a crucial role in contributing to and comment on.

When your child initiates their own learning then they are more likely to be involved in it for a longer period of time, retain information and engaged in learning. Children need to have the opportunity to be involved in both indoor and outdoor play. The outdoor environment provides a wealth of opportunities and contributes to their well-being. So make sure they always have their coat and wellies because we will be outside in all weathers.

During these learning experiences, practitioners observe individuals, provide scaffolds to move their learning forward and model vocabulary and questions.

Observing how your child learn is a crucial part of our role in Foundation Stage. Each child is unique and we value their differences and aim to develop in them the characteristics of learning. We provide valuable opportunities to develop play and exploring, to be an active learner and to be creative and think critically.

At Mapplewell Primary School we believe that parents/carers play a crucial role in reading and developing a love for reading. To support you in this role we will hold phonic workshops during the Autumn Term. We encourage children to share books with you every day at home.

Engaging in reading at home is so important. Here is our snuggle and snooze library in FS1

Within the Foundation Stage phonics is taught on a daily basis using the RWI phonics sequence and active learning. We believe that if children are actively engaged within the lesson then they will enjoy learning and will become more confident with new letter sounds and words. Appropriate books will be sent home when your child is ready.

RWI sounds

Continuous Provision

Our Continuous provision forms the basis of the resources and different areas which we provide for the children during the day. The areas are carefully organised to meet the needs of all children.

Through our careful observations we can tailor the provision to meet the children's interests and needs, providing them with the crucial next steps in their learning.

The provision provided daily for all children to access including; play-dough, construction, mud-kitchen, deconstructed role-play areas, creative areas, mark making and maths areas. These areas are enhanced to meet the children's needs, keeping them active and engaged within their learning. We will be sending a link to our new environment which we are developing before the start of September.

Our Daily routine - FS1 - Nursery Class

There are two sessions in our Nursery day. The morning session starts at 8:40am and finishes at 11:40am. The afternoon session starts at 12:25pm and finishes at 3:25pm.

Our Daily Routine in FS2 - Reception Class

The school doors are open at 8:50am. Mrs Wilkinson's class will enter through the door on the playground. Mrs Abbott's class will enter the class from the side door to Tod room.

Parents' are usually encouraged to come into school and be a part of the morning activities including choosing lunch, writing their name, doing a short activity or reading a book. Unfortunately due to Covid at the start of the term this will not take place and children will continued to be dropped off at the door.

Lunchtime starts at 12:00pm and all children are entitled to a free school meal.

School finishes at 3:10pm.

General information

Please ensure that your child comes to school with a coat and wellies with their name in. We will be accessing our outdoor provision during the day in all weathers.

Please bring a clear water bottle, you can purchase a new one at the reception if you want one.

It would be great if you could you bring a bag (preferably not a pump style bag for nursery children) with spare clothes in just in case they are needed during the day.

Remember if you child has long hair it needs to be tied up and no jewellery should be worn.

Please could all your child's clothing be labelled with their name including their shoe, bags and wellies.

Please ensure that the paperwork needed for the office is completed as soon as possible and returned to the office.

Our Foundation Stage team

Mrs Wilkinson

Early Years Lead and Foundation Stage 2 teacher

Mrs Travis

Foundation Stage 1 Teacher

Mrs Smith

Nursery Nurse (FS1)

Mrs Abbott

Foundation Stage 2 Teacher

Mrs Bailey

Teaching Assistant (FS2)

Mrs Bramall Teaching assistant (FS2)

We are looking forward to welcoming you all into Mapplewell Primary School, if you have any concerns do contact one of the members of our team or the office.