Breeds of Horses Bailey McCaul

The Friesian horse is a draft breed horse that originated in Friesland. It is mostly recognized for its black coat and height of about 17 hands at the withers. Many describe it to have a baroque type body. They have a thick mane and tail, and feathering on their lower legs. This breed has powerful muscles and is very agile and nimble. Some Friesian's have chestnut coloring, those with that coloring are not accepted as stallions.

The Connemara pony originates from Ireland, these ponies are well known for their good disposition, atheleticism and versatility, due to this they are good show ponies. An adult Connemara is around 12 to 14 hands tall, with colors such as: grey, cream, roan, chestnut, black, brown, palomino, and a few more. They have riding-type well laid-back shoulders and a well placed neck. They have short ears and a broad space between their large eyes.

The American Quarter Horse comes from the United States, and this breed excels at sprinting distances. This light breed usually stands around 14 to 16 hands tall, and come in nearly all colors, but the most common is sorrel or chestnut. It has a small, short, and refined head with a straight profile, with a broad chest and rounded hindquarters. The American Quarter Horse is well suited for cattle work, western riding, and horse racing.

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