How the Internet is Positive

Fundraising is one of the ones that the internet has changed because now people can post links to fundraising sites or videos like the ALS ice bucket challenge was a good way to support ALS and you can also make a donation to the people who suffers from that disease.

When people wanted to donate to the Telemiracle they had to call in to make a donation back in the older days. Now of days we just have to go on to the internet to donate which can be a good thing.

Earthquake in Haiti

The internet also help raise money to help Haiti when they got a bad earthquake and Red Cross did a text-to-donate for Haiti and they also posted that all over all of there social media accounts and they ended up getting about $5 million dollars raised.

The internet help this teacher in Nunavut try to get people to help pay for a green house for Nunavut. He made a fundraiser on the internet to get people to help out to get a green house. He wants to help the kids learn how to grow plants so he had to start a fundraiser online.


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