WWI & The Vietnam War Comparing and contrasting


WWI men

World War one lasted from 1914 to 1918. The weapons in this war obviously weren't as complicated as the weapons in wars nowadays, but they still were extremely dangerous. One of the most common guns used was the French Lebel. This gun had a knife at the end of it so that if the soldier was reloading or unable to fire the rifle he could still defend himself by stabbing his enemy.

Vietnam war men

The Vietnam War lasted from 1955 to 1975. The weapons in the Vietnam war had a much wider selection of weapons than the soldiers in WWl. The weapons had advanced immensely. One weapon used in WWl was the M1 carbine rifle.


WWl transportation

WWl transportation was limited because technology had not advanced like in the Vietnam war. WWl transportation mostly consisted of horses, and trucks. Horses in the war would carry supplies, weapons and soldiers around. Horses could get through all kinds of different terrain, unlike the trucks.

Vietnam War Transportation

In the Vietnam War, there was more transportation options because there was a huge advancement in technology. They had helicopters, boats, trucks, horses, etc. There was a lot more room to carry around weapons, soldiers and supplies.


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