Alexander Purdie By Jack Catapano

This exhibit shows someone working on a halbert. The guards in the 18th century would use this to make them look scary.
This is a bow and quiver. It was used by the Powhatan in battle.
This is a silversmith. This is where you would go to buy silverware, or get it made. The gentry are the ones that come here. They like all the silver because it showed that they were rich.
These are the final projects of the silversmith. This is what the gentry asks the silversmith to do. This because if they have silver spoons and plates, it showed off their wealth.

Because silver was the currency during this time, the gentry would turn their money into spoons and plates, so if they needed money they could sell it for a lot of money.

This is where all the silver is turned into something. With silver, you do not have to heat it up, it naturally shapes into what you want it to be.
This is Lord Dunmore's palace. This is where he lives. Only the most important couples can visit him.
This is one of the bedrooms in the palace. Specifically, Lady Dunmore's
This is the room that you enter in. The guns and swords on the wall show that he is rich. The guns and swords can also be used in war. In one room there are at least 250 guns in one room.

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