Semester 1 Science By: Will edeker

The study of things that we have questions about or things that we want to know more about.

Two things science can study is the human body and animals. Science can study animals because they can then learn about their diseases and how to cure them, for the animals and they can get things from their body that might help us to fight diseases. Science can also study the human body because when people die, we can operate on them to find organs and things that will help other people.

Two things science can't study is ghosts and scientific theory's. Science can't study ghosts because we can't really prove that their real because we can't see them and that they don't really show any signs of existing. Science can't study scientific theory's because it's what the people think, it's not what is actually the truth. If you tried to study a scientific theory, you couldn't because no none really knows about it.

The Basic Needs of Life

water, air, carbon dioxide, food, nutrients, sunlight,

Animal Structures/Behaviors

The Cheetah can run fast, they hunt usually in packs, flexible spine, and retractable claws. The Cheetah can run very fast so they can get their prey. But they can only run fast for a few seconds. They usually hunt in small groups of like three or four so they can gang up on their prey. They do this because they usually hunt bigger game to satisfy their hunger. They need to have a flexible spine so when their running, and they have to turn fast, their spine doesn't break from the force when they turn. Finally, they have retractable claws. They need them to retract so when their not hunting, they don't grind their claws down to the point to where their not sharp. But when they attack their prey, they release them to hang on while they sink their claws in them.


The Earth. We would use a model of the earth because we can't see the whole thing from the surface. The only way to see the earth fully is in space, and you have to get special training to go into space. We wouldn't go into space because we would be up there for a long time. Finally, we wouldn't want to go up in space just to see the earth because in order to go up into space, it costs a lot of money.

System/Human Body

A system is something that connects to a main function or part in order to control it.

the nervous system has to connect throughout the whole body because we need the nerves to tell our body what to do. All of the nerves also connect to one main part, our brain, because our brain is the main function of our body.

Phone system

A phone system is a good representation of the human system because the phone basically sends a bunch of code and things to tell the phone what to do. It's almost just like the nervous system because all of the programs send signals to different parts of the phone to tell it what to do.


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