1. What would you anticipate are some of the difficulties for Oxfam when managing staff across different countries?

  • Cultural differences
  • Local employment law
  • Language and Skills
  • Salary standard

2. How much autonomy do you consider should the CPMs be given when deciding upon human resource management practices in their respective countries?

  • I would consider a limited autonomy resources to a specific country because CPM stands for country programs manager which can be defined as a senior management organisation which allows them to have sufficient power to make decisions. If organisation has been given the highest autonomy, the CPM is likely to make mistakes that causes serious consequences in the human resource management.
  • For example, Pakistan is a country that doesn't have proper education infrastructure whereby the organisation is likely to fail to recruit people with certain skills and would be harder to get eligible candidates.
  • Therefore, it is better to develop local candidate because they are the one who understands the culture and they may be useful connections in the country.

Reference: Dowling, et. al. (2015) International Human Resource Management: Managing People in a Multinational Context (6th edition), Thomson Learning

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