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I had the pleasure of working with a brilliant artist, Krista Schumache. Take a look at some of her magical creations in the above video, shot and edited by yours truly, Ramón Ivey.


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What does that mean? I get asked all of the time. It means I have multiple sets of skills and talents that I use to make the visions of others, come to life.

Cinematography, Video Editing, Photography and Photo Editing, fall into my skill sets. Recording videos and creating captivating visuals by being mindful of those sweet moments is such a rush for me. It's what recreates the experience making the viewer feel as if they are there. And that's what I do with every genre of art, I create or recreate an experience. Please enjoy some of my work.


A Trailer for an amazing project with amazing talent. It is one of my favorite projects I call "Performance 1.0.1.". Performance 1.0.1. is a creative process. Think of it as a tool or a reminder for entertainers, of what our job really is. It's a P.S.A. to redirect he true purpose of being an entertainer


Promotional Video for Urban FX Dance Crew at Spencer Couture's POP pARTy, held at OMINA Night Club, San Diego. Videography and Editing by - Ramon Ivey


Music Video Re-Make and promo. for Drag Queen Paris Sukomi Max. She was hosting the Pride Music Festival - 2016 and wanted to bring it in with a bang! My roles: Co-Produced, Directed, Co-Choreographed, Staged, Co-Captured (Videography), and Edited.


This is a trailer for a passion project I am apart of for a non-profit in the making - giveseven.org.


Current promo. for my web design services. 70% OFF! - Learn more at ramonivey.com


Project Heart was another passion project for me. A teacher and a group of kids were raising money to build a school in Guatemala. I couldn't resist being involved in some capacity.


Choreographer - Eddie Madueno, is a consistent client of mine. He loves to make videos showcasing his work. Often I step in as a Director and Producer to fill in the gaps to make the vision complete.


Music Artist - Travis Clarke is a joy to work with. His talent, his presence, corkiness, is all phenomenal. I was able to capture him in action while in Shanghai, China. - 2013. Check out travisclarkemusic.com for more about him.


My versatility and open mind allows me the creative flexibility to manifest the visions of others. Having traveled and made friends from all over the world has also aided in the expansion of my creative mind. I feel blessed and I want to share the blessings. My goal is always to please my clients.


Director of Photography

Mood Specialist

Making things HAPPEN!

I love what I do and I take pride in my work. Professionalism, listening, and delivering is how I am able to bring worth my talent and create a polished product.


Created By
Ramon Ivey


Created with an image by Alexander Dummer - "Photographic studio"ramonivey.com

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