Summative learning profile

my dominate learning styles are: visual, auditory and, kinestheic

like big colorful pictures that stand out, neat and orderly, likes graphs and charts.
remembers things by hearing and speaking, usually has musical talent and ,say's things out loud to remember.
likes to touch and feel things to help with memory, likes demonstration

Max chooses to take information by reading comic books

My multiple intelligence are: musical, kinestheic and, visual.

i use my musical intelligence when i'm studying for a test or just trying to remember things in general
i use my visual intelligence when i'm trying to remember a patter of some sort.
i use my kinestheic intelligence when i'm trying to figure out what something is without looking.

Kevin's multiple intelligence is logical. Kevin chooses to take in information with big pictures and imaginations.

My dominate braininess is : my right brain

Musical, non-verbal , daydreaming. Using my right brain makes things a lot easier because it allows me to creative in situations that seemingly are boring.

Max braininess might be his right.Because during the movie he was taught that words are apart of a picture, so his imagination would get creative.

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