How America was founded as a Christian nation BY: Ryan Meister

Abraham Lincoln General Order: Abraham Lincoln supported the equal rights of all groups of people. This order supported equal rights and fair treatment of all people in America. Many still after this proclamation did not follow it's procedures.

Andrew Carnegie was a great businessman and became one of the richest men in American History. He was also a well known philanthropist and donated a lot of money to charity. He was am example of a man changed by God because he used to be a greedy businessman, but he turned into a giving Christian man. This letter says how much he enjoys Jefferson's version of the Bible. He talks about hiw advanced the book was for it's time.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the president of our country during World War 2. FDR was a Christian Man and he delivered the D-Day Prayer. This was a prayer for our troops and showed how much different America is today then it was back then. He also said how good will triumph over evil and that God was on our side.

This sermon was written by William R. Alger. This was written to try to encourage the stopping of fighting. Christians didn't want to fight, but they were willing to to help the people whose rights were being violated. Alger opposed fighting unless it was for a just cause like the North had.
Peter Thacher preached the sermon about George Washington's death. He compared the death of George Washington to the death of Joseph the leader of the Israelites. He also put emphasis on not forgetting thhe first great leader of our country. This shows that thus country was founded on God because at our first presidents funeral God was the focal point.
The Pilgrim Sermon was preached by Alexander W. Buel. This was a sermon explaining the reasons why they came over to America. A major reason for them coming was for religious freedom. They were searching for a land with fertile land and a water supply and they settled in Detroit Michigan.
Patrick Henry wrote the famous letter "Give me liberty or give me justice". He is stating how important our rights are and how they cannot ever be revoked. He was a strong supporter of patriotism and for equak rights. Patrick wrote this to the president concerned about his rights being potentially infringed upon.
The Founders and the writers of the Constitution were Christians. Men like Samuel Adams said that they depend on Jesus to save them from their sins. They all believe that Jesus redeemed the world. They believed that no one is poor because everyone is rich in Christ.
John Jay gave his input on the Biblical Worldview. John Jay was a former preacher and was appointed to the first Chief Justice of the United States. He also was a part of the American Bible Society. He explains that we should not retaliate against other countries, but we should take the high road. He also explained how every decision in our life should be based on what we should do.


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