Northern Renaissance Helene Kertanis

Facts ABout the Northern renaissance

  • The Northern Renaissance occurred in northern Europe, in countries such as England, France, Germany, and Flanders (which is now current day France and the Netherlands)
  • It is known to have taken started taking place around the late 15th century
  • Lots of the art from the Northern Renaissance had been influenced by the Italian Renaissance

German Painter: Durer

  • He was well known for his woodcuts and engravings.
  • Themes of his work include mythology, religious subjects, and realistic landscapes.

German Painter: Holbein

This was his portrait of English King Henry VIII
  • Some of his work was influenced by Durer.
  • He was known for making beautifully detailed portraits, including ones of the English royal family.

Flemish Painter: Van Eyck

This portrait is one made by Van Eyck, but it is unknown to whether it is a self portrait
  • He developed oil painting techniques that are still used today.
  • His detail was very realistic and enjoyed because of the personality it displayed.

Flemish Painter: Bruegel

This was one of his paintings, many of which contained large groups of people.
  • His work is known to be the peak of Flemish art during the Renaissance.
  • He was very good at portraying the detail of large groups of people.

christian Humanist: Erasmus

  • Erasmus was the creator of Praise of Folly which was his most famous work of writing.
  • He believed that in order for society to be bettered, everyone should study the Bible.

christian Humanist: More

  • Thomas More wanted to model a better society through his writings and teachings.
  • He wrote Utopia where it depicted a perfect world in his eyes where there were no sins, greed, or anything else of the sort.

christine de Pizan

  • She spoke against people only sending their boys for education.
  • She was the first woman to make a living off of being a writer, and made many works.
  • She also spoke out about the equal treatment of males and females.


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