The green spaces surrounding Lima, Peru are known as 'lomas'. The 'Lomas' are a fragile ecosystem named fog oases that are home to threatened and endemic species.

'On December 7, 2019 the Ministry of the Environment of Peru took a big step to protect The Lomas. It created a new Regional Conservation Area: Lomas de Lima. The Lomas de Lima protected area is comprised of 5 zones: Lomas de Amancaes, Lomas de Ancón, Lomas de Carabayllo 1 and 2, and Lomas de Villa María. The decree defines 13,475 hectares in all.'

The major risk for the Lomas is the urban areas increasing encroaching on these lands.

Haydée Cerrón founded the 'Asociación Protectores Ambientales de la flor y las lomas de Amancaes' (PAFLA), for the conservation and sustainable management of these areas, in collaboration with attorney Carlos Soria and other support organizations such as Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide.

Since 2014, the work of PAFLA has focused on protecting this fragile ecosystem by denouncing those who encroach on the land. They have also created a circuit for ecotourism to enable visitors to engage with the land and to help raise awareness of its many virtues including the Amancaes flower, which is native to this area and facing extinction.

Haydée Cerrón states that the environment is also threatened by a water and sewage system project while would require a road to be built through The 'Lomas', destroying the ecosystem and enabling access to even more encroachers.

Despite the need for water, the construction of infrastructure, even though much needed, must take into account the conservation of The Lomas coastal ecosystem, acknowledge the risks to the environment and ensure the protection of the communities' natural heritage.

The conservation program by PAFLA includes routes for ecotourism through The 'Lomas' and also offers educational workshops for schools and groups of children and young people. It also drives research work for universities and researchers interested in the biodiversity of the area.

The work has been challenging and several entities from the government are aware of this issue. They find in PAFLA a strong ally. They continue with their work despite the risks.


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