English 102: Multimodal Project Dr. Stowe / Eng 102

This Project is About Achieving a Purpose. It's about telling a story: setting a mood, affecting the audience, communicating information.

How do you Tell your story?

How do you communicate your story?

How does your story reach your audience?

There's a lot of ways to tell a story.

Be Creative.

Break the Rules.

Break The Rules.

And. Above all. Strive for Excellence.


Created with images by BrandFlair - "Film" • sigisagi - "Wave" • kevin dooley - "Instant film" • kevin dooley - "Fire on film" • srboisvert - "Centretown Film Festival" • Ric Capucho - "Schönenberg - Ilford HP5+ 120 film" • FlanellKamerasFilm - "camera analog fashion" • get directly down - "Film" • l'enfant oiseau - "untitled image" • spDuchamp - "Found Film" • jim68000 - "cornish rock" • robertlischka - "sony lens walimex" • Devanath - "bokeh effect green"

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