My amazing life by: Linda Rodriguez

Hello everyone and welcome to my website. On here I will show you all of my photography pictures that I ever took and that I will take later on. These pictures will mainly be about nature, sunrises and sunsets and other amazing things, because nature helps me feel relaxed and sunrises and sunsets are very beautiful, I mean who would not want to take a picture of that? Anyways, I also write quotes and short stories, so you might see some of my writing on here too. I'm not a professional at any of this, but I'm slowly working on it. Well, I hope you enjoy this website, have a great day!

These two pictures were taken in Honduras, Mexico.

"You know, maybe you don't have incredible hair or flawless skin or perfect teeth, but that doesn't mean you are not as beautiful as the person next to you. Maybe you don't have people falling all over you or asking you out all the time, but that doesn't mean you're never going to have someone that falls in love with you. And maybe you don't think you're ever going to find someone who loves everything about you, but that doesn't mean you're right." ~Unknown

These pictures were taken in Costa Maya, Mexico.

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