DAD VS KID self desined exibit 1

my one and only true role model

Everyone has a person they admire or look up to through out there life. Someone that has shaped there life in such a way it has the need to feel copied. The person who either always has it figured out or always seem as there response to an event is pre planned. in my life this happens to be my father and i thought it was suiting to use him for my self designed exhibit as an interview opportunity to see how he got to be what he is today.

Backround information

In a short summary of his life story my father came from a rural part of Network with a family that had enough but not a lot at all. He is now a co owner of a multi million dollar cooperation in which he over sees the entire sales department for blood and genomics testing.


  1. how did your childhood effect your adult hood?
  2. what choices went into you decition upon higher uducation?
  3. how did you succeed in college, what was your biggest lesson?
  4. did you have a planned out carreer path?
  5. looking back on how you got tomwhere you are now, what is a pivitol moment that produced a positive change?
  6. What has made you this succesfull thus far
  7. what has been your main inicitive to enstoy in me

The answeres

mystical wisdom of my father


I had first decided that i would interview my parent for my self designed exhibit for the purpose of finding out what he had done with his life. In my opinion he is the embodiment of the american dream. he came from a small family that had very little . Before his parents divorce hes father worked a teaching job after fighting in Vietnam and him mother the same. he parent split up at the age of 14 and he was left with vast responsibility at a young age. at 16 years old he lived on his own for 3 month with out any parents. learning all this responsibility at a young age shaped him as a person. he was top 10 in his high school graduating class and all-star of the football team. choosing a school for him was huge. He had gotten into brown and Columbia and had been recruited to play football at those institutions. however his financial situation did not allow it. he attended the university at Albany and played football there under the well rounded coach for. he chose his major from a list of possible opportunities bio and chem had the most so that's where he went. this part really speaks to me because i have no plan on where i want to go with my life. i am very much at the lee way of the wind. once in the work field he did research for a couple years and found out that was not his niche. he then went into sales off healthcare. using his bio chem background and his personal people skills. he then became associated with a large firm that paid for his NBA an new york university. after that he and 2 other started there own blood testing laboratory which has now grown into genomics and a multi national cooperation. the entire reason for this in my portfolio is that his life story had no plan. he did not know exactly where he wanted hi life to pay out. And that's how i am. the only constant in his life was good insight and hard work. being able to bounce back from mistakes and realize that where you are as of current is not where you needed to be.

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