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Expansive Curriculum!!!

Choose the combination of electives that is right for YOU!!

Build your depth of knowledge in a topic, or…benefit from our breadth of mechanical engineering offerings!

Hear from one of our Cadets as she explains what it is like as a Mechanical Engineering student!

“Mix & Match” from the following topics:

Aeronautical: Learn the science and theory behind aircraft flight. Reinforce in-class lessons with Flight Labs in Army Aircraft.

Recommended Threads: ME387 - ME481- ME388

Automotive & Weapons: Design, build, and test cars, trucks, tanks and UGVs. gain an in-depth knowledge of automotive power and transmission systems.

Recommended Threads: ME491 - ME492 - ME493

Want to study Weapons Engineering?!

BioMech: explore the interactions between the human body and mechanical systems. learn how these systems can be used to better serve humanity.

Recommended Threads: XE310

Energy: Understand power production, Conversion, and Storage. Develop sustainable energy systems.

Recommended Threads: ME472-NE300-NE355

Mechatronics: Study real-world control of robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, and other autonomous systems.

Recommended Threads: XE472-XE475

Core Mechanical Engineering Courses

  • Introduction to Mech Engineering
  • Fundamentals of Engineering mechanics & Design
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Dynamics
  • Thermal-Fluid Systems I & II
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Engineering Materials
  • Manufacturing and Machine Component Design
  • Mechanical Engineering Design
  • Heat Transfer
  • Mechanical System Design
  • Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
  • Vibration Engineering OR Dynamic Modeling and Control
  • Three Elective Courses

AIADs & Capstone Projects!

Cadets with a Mechanical Engineering background are in high demand by industry. AIADs provide experience working in robotics, computer simulations, aircraft, and weapons effects sponsored by agencies such as NASA, General Dynamics, Boeing, Sikorsky, and MIT Lincoln Labs.

Capstone projects are the culmination of the Mechanical Engineering experience! Cadets design, model, build, and test their own products. Recurring projects include the numerous UAS designs, weapon modifications, and Soldier Design challenge!

Let's hear about an exciting capstone helping improve Soldier's connectivity!

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ME Program Director – Dr. Rebecca Zifchock


ME Head DAC – MAJ Nate Humbert