College of Science & Technology University of the Nations

The impact of science and technology on the world is undeniable. Every person on the planet is affected by improvements in growing food, producing energy, moving goods and people, building homes, treating water and healing disease. In modern times, scientific research reveals new aspects of the created order, and often applications to improve the quality of life follow shortly after. The College of Science and Technology prepares students to serve locally or cross-culturally in these technical areas, with a special emphasis on integrating spiritual dynamics with technical skills so that people receive the full benefits of God’s provision through His creation.

The interaction of science and faith is a common theme in this College, both in principle and in practical expression. The Applied Christian Thinking courses introduce this relationship for scientists and non-scientist alike. In addition, the role of God as Creator and Sustainer gives a new appreciation for scientific and technical work, and of the many talented people around the world who work in science.

Students gain basic principles and extensive cross-cultural experience in areas such as: project development, water harvesting and purification, sanitation, building construction, agriculture, aquaculture, aquaponics, energy, environmental stewardship, and information technology. In communities where there has been no hope of change before, this College is partnering in sustainable development projects that open up the exciting possibility of a safe and healthy future.

We have many different types of schools, in the following key areas...


Basic Construction Technology Seminar

Biogas Technology and Construction


Sustainable Agriculture Seminar

Environment and Resource Stewardship School & Field Assignment

Sustainable Agriculture School & Practicum


Introduction to Community Technology Seminar

Community Water Technology Seminar

Engaging with God's World

Introduction to Computer Networking

Biblical Worldview

Missions Strategies

Humanities and Science: A Christian Perspective & Field Assignment

School of Biblical Christian Worldview & Field Assignment

Transformation School & Field Assignment

Engaging With God's World

You can also receive Associates & Bachelors degrees in the College of Science & Technology...

Foundational Associate of Science

Associate of Science in Community Technology

Bachelor of Science in Community Technology

Bachelor of Science in Environment & Resource Stewardship



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