Liturgy By: Neil PriNcipe, 3-1-17, Period c

What is Liturgy?

Liturgy is a form or formulary according to which public religious worship, especially. Christian worship, is conducted.

Mass as Sacrifice

The Mass is the proper and true sacrifice that can be offered to God. In mass, the Eucharist represents the sacrifice that Jesus made to us and the mass is an offering for the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.

Community and Liturgy

Liturgical activity can also be known as an act of love toward one another. As a community, we participate in the sacrifice that Jesus made for us when he died on the cross. This interaction with Jesus causes one to become more loving and a better overall human being. This in turn makes individual relationships with people around you and your community as a whole much more loving and better.

Liturgical Diversity in the Church

The liturgical diversity in the Church is what helps bind the Church together as a whole. First off, many liturgical rites are told in a long list of different languages, proving the ethnic diversity of Catholics worldwide. Diversity has caused schisms and reformations of different parts of the Church like the Eastern Schism of 1054 and the Protestant Reformation, but overall keeps everyone in the Church believing in one common faith, and that is: Jesus Christ.

How is Liturgy both unified and diverse in the Church?

Liturgy is unified in the Church as it keeps us as a whole believing that Jesus Christ died for our sins on the cross and he is the true messiah. However, it has also led to great diversity as the Protestant Reformation and Eastern Schisms caused new branches of the Christian Churches to form because some people could not accept the liturgical ways of other cultures all believing in one common divine being.

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