AGB Shelter By: Ashley,Gina, Bella

Providing food for the homeless

Mission STATEMENT-It is the mission of AGB Shelter to provide shelter, food, assistance in getting a job, and medical services to the homeless; as well as steering them in the right direction to strengthen the community.We have created a relationship with people by supporting them throughout their difficult situations and gained their trust, which has made it incredibly easier to assist and fulfill their urgent needs.

Homeless man getting medical care
This image shows us how many homeless people live on the streets.

Problem-Amount of homelessness seen around the community and the people on the streets getting into trouble is an ongoing problem that we realize needs to be stopped and our vision is to do so. Crisis states "There are also problems in wider society that can contribute towards homelessness. These structural causes might include a lack of affordable housing; high levels of poverty, unemployment or worklessness; the way in which the benefits system operates; or the way social housing is rationed". there are many different reasons to why people are homeless, the most common are due to the expense and drug/ALCOHOL addiction.

Homeless lady sleeping on the streets.

Proper ATTENTION for the problem-It is important to attend to this problem because if we, as a community do not support the homeless, they end up feeling alone and therefore have no desire or motivation to make a better life for themselves, like getting a job for starters.In the article why don't homeless people get jobs it states " Don't kid yourself; many employers would never consider a homeless person for a job opening. They have the same misconceptions about them that everyone else does". with the evidence provided it does show even if a homeless person does try to find a job most of them will not get one due to their looks and the way they dress.

Problem getting the proper attention-It is important that our problem of homelessness gets the proper attention that it needs because being homeless is more than not having a roof over your head. Having a home helps with the mental and physical WELL BEING. If given the proper attention we can reduce the amount of mental and emotional issues of that particular person. There are a various amount of reasons on why someone has become homeless. It can be mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, psychotic illnesses, and depression. In the article real life stories of homeless people it states "Five years ago, Brian's life changed completely when his mother passed away. His mental health deteriorated and, after spending three months in hospital, he was discharged but he didn't get the support he needed. Brian is now in a St Mungo's hostel where he's rebuilding his life". THis quote shows that once the problem is ADDRESSED then the issue can be RESOLVED. Just in brian's case he is on the road to getting his mental health fixed to rebuild his life and get back on his feet.

Plan to resolve problem-Our organizations plan to minimize homelessness is to permanent supportive housing which is also known as PSH which helps vulnerable people live independently in their communities. This would also help with mental health issues because the homeless would be getting the support that they need to get back onto their feet. In the article dealing with the problem of homelessness "The aim of the Supportive Housing Program (SHP) is to provide housing and services that will enable homeless clients to achieve economic independence and control over their life.HUD explains that the SHP provides matching funds for the construction of new buildings for housing homeless people; it also provides funding for the acquisition or refurbishing of existing buildings. The program underwrites 75% of the operating cost, including administration, and up to 80% of the cost of support programs". The supporting housing act helps the homeless try to get back onto their feet and get them the help that they need so that they can eventually find a job in the near future.

This women is in the supportive housing center trying to get back onto her feet by getting the help that she needs

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