The Train Ride CONTINUATION By: Noor,A

I turned and looked at mom,who had been looking at me this whole time. I told her ''I knew you were up to something''. She smiled and slowly brushed my hair with her warm hands. I looked out the window,it was really packed with a lot of people. As the train came to a stop my Mom and I quickly got out. I was so excited i didn't know where to start! My Mom told me to ''hold her hand'' so that I didn't get lost,I'm not that kind of a kid who gets embarrassed by stuff like that so I did as I was told. We went inside this thing that seemed as a stadium,I was pretty sure it was for the upcoming soccer championship. In the center was the president. I knew who he was from all the YouTube memes and his videos on TV, Donald Trump. He gave his speech on how he will build a great,great wall. I was kind of confused on how he will get the money. Some how i had this feeling inside me saying "Run'' but i always knew i was wrong in some way,how could a day like this take the wrong turn? I let my guard down because there was guards everywhere.It had been about an hour when it all began.Oh no was what my mom said,I took a good glance on what was going on. Helicopters filled the sky with an army of gangsters going down its ladders. Just when Trump was about to make a run for his life a guy with one of those robber-masks put a bag over his head. They fired shots in the air and said "everyone remain in your seats if you want to live". It was madness everyone was screaming and shaking in fear.I knew I had to help in anyway I can so I went under the seat and with out making a sound I went to the restroom. There I went over my plan. I was surprised to find the guards doing nothing but standing watching so therefore they are in this terrorist plan. I looked in my pocket to find anything that might help me out. I found out that i had some pepper and salt from the last restaurant visit. I took them out and I got an idea. i would throw the spices on the guy who has Trump's their eyes and that would make them blind for a second,that is when I go down there and get Trump. I was successful and my Mom,Trump,and I ran as fast as possible to the train wagon. Next stop the police station! When we arrived I got Trump to safety. My Mom and I also told the police about what is going on in the stadium,they told us that they will send the black ops units there. I wont forget how I was successful with my plans for once.


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