Responsive Poetry Mini-Portfolio assigned by mr. whitley


This week, we have been reading selected poems from A Book of Poems: Expressions from our Youth, which is a collection of poems written by young refugees living in Canada. We can all agree that this collection of poems has given us unique insight. As a way of responding to that newfound insight, I would like for you to create a mini poetry portfolio that includes three poems from the collection and three poems that you create, each one responding to one of your selected refugee-created poems. The responsive poems can be you questioning something in the original poems, you asking for more information, you expressing your sympathy or understanding, or a number of other responses. After each of the pairs of poems, I would like you to explain how your poem responds to the original poem in a sentence or two. Keep in mind our discussions of poetic conventions such rhyme, repetition, simile, metaphor, personification, and imagery and work to include these conventions in each of your responsive poems. Also, I ask that you please include a fitting image with each of your poem pairs that adds to the meaning of the original poem and your response. Finally, provide me with a fitting and creative title. All of this should be compiled in a Spark.


  • Fitting and Creative Title (5 pts)
  • 3 Poems from Refugees Included (9 pts)
  • 3 Creative Original Poems that Respond to Refugee Poems (45 pts)
  • Explanation Included with Each Poem Pair (12 pts)
  • Poetic Conventions Clearly Considered (10 pts)
  • Fitting Image with each Poem Pair (9 pts)
  • Compiled in a Spark and is Creative and Aesthetically Pleasing (10 pts)


Created with images by Phil_Parker - "Refugees" • hawkarena - "refugee old woman" • schacon - "Refugee Truck"

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