Drama Week

This week was full of pretending, creativity and performing!

Outdoor fun!

With all the nice weather, we went to the park and played basketball on the patio this week!


During indoor time this week we read books, played cards, made necklaces and played with magnetic tiles.

Improv games

This week we practiced improv games. They were so silly and fun! We started with "three words" where a counselor would write three words on the board and each pair would have one minute to tell a story using those words. The next game was "talk show host". One student was the host and the other one is the expert. Another student picks a category and the host interviews the expert on their subject. It was fun listening to the different experts talk about different things. Lastly, we played "gibberish conversation" where two students have a conversation with each other in gibberish (or words that don't make sense). They each have a translator that translates their gibberish for them.

Club day!

During club day on Wednesday, we split into a crowd favorite *soccer club* and a new club *drama club*. The students read old plays from Shakespeare, stories from ancient Egypt and Greek mythology. After practicing narration, character story lines and dialogue, each group was able to create their own play. They came up with their characters, the events, the dialogue, the narration (narrated by 2 counselors), and their stage placements. They all turned out great! They were so creative and fun, and we had fun watching the plays after they were done. Check them out below!

Once Upon A Time

By Avery, Sofia, Bailey and Alaz.

The bad Turned good

By Alina, Natalie, Leila, Jennifer, Elise and Savannah


On Friday, we put on our silly drama hats and created commercials for a made up product we wanted to sell. Each group had time to come up with the product, practice their pitch and then perform it in front of the group. Check out our silly infomercials below.


Spring break is from April 10th-April 14th. The After School Program will not run during those days. We will be back on April 17th!


The pool is opening and we will be starting swim time every Wednesday! If you child would like to participate, please have them pack a swimsuit, sunscreen, towel, and goggles (if needed), on Wednesday's from now on. We will have an alternate activity for those who do not want to swim.

We will swim from 2:45-3:45pm every Wednesday.

The schedule is as follows:

2:45-3:00pm changing rooms

3:00-3:45pm swimming!

3:45-4:00pm changing rooms

Next Week

Next week's theme is Sports Week! We will be practicing different sports throughout the week and working on our team building skills.

Have a great weekend!

Angela Owens

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