Adobe Slate Reviewer's Guide

This guide points out all the fine details for the sake of a thorough media review, but we expect you will easily figure out the best way to use the app. Have fun!

Adobe Slate is the simplest, most fun way to make your next report, newsletter, or travel adventure stand out – in minutes.

Adobe Slate is a free iPad app that lets you create a beautiful visual story that delights readers on any device. Slate stories help to quickly capture attention, increase awareness and inspire action.

  • No design skills required! Your words and images tell the story. Just tap to select a unique theme – beautiful fonts, color and magazine-style design are automatically incorporated. Achieve a unique look with your photos and text.
  • Reach people on the devices they live on. Fluid movement and elegant motion are applied as they scroll through the page. Quotes, captions and photos come alive on phones, tablets and laptops.
  • Inspire action with special buttons that link to other sites online, to: donate now, volunteer or learn more! Simply share your Slate story with a link on Twitter, Facebook, text message or embed it on your website.

Whether it's a newsletter you're sending to customers, a book report to impress your teacher or a recount of your recent travels, Adobe Slate lets you turn your ideas, information and photos into an impactful visual story in just minutes.

Get Started with Slate

Open Slate, and sign in with your Adobe ID. If you don't have an Adobe ID, follow the simple steps to create one within the app.

Get Inspired

When you first log in, you'll see the Explore screen showcasing a variety of great real-world stories inspired by lessons, personal journeys or causes. Tap on a story to see the experience as you scroll through it.

The Explore screen

Begin a New Slate

Tap the "+Create a New Story" button at the top of the Explore screen when you're ready to get started.

Get familiar with the app's main menu:

Menu options
  • Check out the right side of the top menu bar: "themes," "preview" and "publish."
  • Select the magic wand icon at the top right of the screen to play with a large variety of themes.
  • Tap the "play" button in the upper right corner at any point to preview how your Slate story will move when you scroll through it.
  • Select the upward arrow - "publish" - when you're ready to share your Slate story.
  • You'll also notice a "home" button in the upper left corner, which takes you back to your projects, and the Explore screen with other example stories.

Now, it's time to start building your first Slate story!

Create Your Cover Page

Tap "Add a Title" to start your cover page and name your project – "Add a Subtitle" lets you enter secondary text. You can drag your title and subtitle to reposition them on the cover page.

Tap the photo icon at the bottom of the screen to add a cover photo from your device, your Lightoom library, Creative Cloud files, Dropbox or search from thousands of Creative Commons images on the web.

Click the lens icon at the bottom right of your cover image, which opens the focal point selector. Drag the circle from side to side or up-and-down to choose the portion of your photo that you would like to appear in both portrait and landscape view. Look for the preview in the upper right-hand corner of your iPad to see how it will look in another mobile orientation.

Focal point selector in landscape orientation
Rotate your iPad and see your Slate story adjust to the screen - you can't do that on a laptop!

Slate will remember this focal point regardless of where you position your photo, ensuring a consistent viewing experience on any device.

Experiment with Themes

Select the magic wand icon at the top right of the screen to play with the large variety of themes; each of these incorporates magazine-style design automatically changing the colors, fonts and motion within your Slate story. With a single tap, themes are applied to your entire story as it changes right before your eyes. We hope you experiment with a number of themes, but here are a few you should definitely check out:

Every Slate theme was carefully built – down to the font selection and spacing of each element – to ensure a delightful read on any device. You shouldn't have to worry about making design decisions!

Add Photos, Text and Links

From your cover page, swipe up to start adding photos and text. Tap the next "+" icon and then select from photo, text, link or photo grid.

To add text, you can type, or tap the microphone icon on your iPad to enable speech-to-text. Your words will automatically appear as you speak!

Type or talk to add text

Tap H1, H2 or the quotes symbol in the top menu bar to add more flair to a quote or section of text you would like to stand out. You can also create a bulleted or numbered list.

Tap the "+" icon to add your favorite photos, then select from a variety of layout options like: inline, fill screen, window or full-width view. Some photo layouts feature moveable captions – drag a caption across the screen and then scroll through to see it move.

Photo layouts we love:

  • Fill screen
  • Window
A great way to balance your Slate story is to space out your photos with headers and block quotes, adding a natural divider that can increase the impact of your images. If you have a lot of text, try breaking it up with a fill screen or window image.

The "move" option in the photo layout selector will allow you to move the photo above or below its current position in your story.

To create a grid, select "photo grid," then tap on a few of your favorite photos to start building it. Tap the star icon on the lower left of any photo in your grid to feature that particular shot, or use the arrow buttons to move photos around. Slate automatically determines which grid layout will look best based on the number of photos you choose, and their orientation.

Photo grid navigation

Add Call-to-Action Buttons

Slate readers can be inspired to action with special buttons that link to other sites or information online. Tap the link icon to add a button that connects anywhere on the web and label it so readers feel compelled to click.

Add more to your story by tapping the "+" icon to add text, images or links.

Slate takes the guesswork out of font selection by including designer-selected fonts for every element in your story. Slate uses the same font technology as Adobe TypeKit, making it easy to express ideas with beautiful clarity and style.

Publish and Share

When you've finished creating your Slate, tap the upload icon at the top right of your screen to publish and share. It's simple to text, email or post via Twitter or Facebook. It's just a link you can embed on your website or post anywhere you want it to be read.

To share:

  1. Select the "public" option to have your work featured in our gallery, or "private" so that only those with the link can view it. (Note: links are not searchable and are only accessible by those you share them with.)
  2. Pick the most relevant category for your work.
  3. Add your name and a photo of yourself, so that everyone knows who created this amazing Slate!
  4. Select "credits" to add in your own custom credits. At the end of every Slate story that is created, a bumper is automatically added that incorporates attributions to any images or icons that are sourced through the search functionality within the app.
  5. Choose whether to share your Slate story link via email, text message, embed it on your website or share it via Facebook or Twitter.
  6. Tap on "continue."
  7. Once your story has uploaded you will be prompted to either compose a post, or email, depending on the way you chose to share it.
  8. Edit the body of your post or email, and tap "post" to share to your desired location.
Share everywhere! Try texting your published Slate to a friend – you can't do that with a Word doc!

After you publish your story, you'll find it on the Projects screen – where you can see the number of people who have viewed and appreciated your work.

Mobile App Compatibility with Adobe Slate

  • Requires iOS 8.0 or later
  • Compatible with iPad 2 or later
  • Is also compatible with iPad mini 1 or later

For more information about Adobe Slate once the app is live, visit

Available for free in the Apple App Store.

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