Matter investigation BY DIONE LOYOLA

Everything is matter . matter takes up space.[volume] and has mass matter is anything that has mass. Matter is made out of small parts called atoms are tiny parts . Matter exists in 3 state of matter . matter can glassifith by property s’ .texfer and hardness. Matter has it own shape. When there's gas the atoms get separated because the gas separated s’ the atoms’ and when there solid the atoms are so close together and the liquid the atoms’ float because the liquid atoms’ float separate

There are 3 states of matter are solid,liquid,and gas even a other state of matter is plasma.

Solid have there own shape. The shape does not change. The atoms’ to a solid are close together.

gases’ is made out of air gas is air the gas takes’ its’ shape of its’ container the gas is evaporation. Gas doesn't’ have its’ own shape. Atom in gas are apart.

Liquids’ takes of its’ container the atoms’ and the liquid flow to the water but separated and they are not close together.liquids’ don't’ have ther own shape .gases’ is made out of air gas is air the gas takes’ its’ shape of its’ container the water is evaporation

The temperature changes to matter solid changes to liquid because when the solid it's freezing and when you don't eat your ice cream your ice cream turns to liquid and its not solid anymore that is what it means.

changes to solid liquid turns to gas changes to evaporate changes to gas changes to liquid solid is a thing that does not break because it was freezing in the freezer so that way it doesn't break and when you put the ice to the sun it will melt so that is what it means to melt something that is freezing put it to the sun if you can not lick on the ice cream it will melt

Created By
Dione Loyola


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