The Middle: The Friendliest folks of the North!


New York: This land was originally ruled by the Dutch, when Henry Hudson was looking for the NW passage, through this guy. It was founded, because of it's Deep harbors, making it ideal for trading goods and all sorts of supplies. After a while it was taken over by the British, and was named 'New York' after the land King Charles II's brother ruled.

This is Peter Stuyvesant, otherwise known as "Silvernails" due to the nails he nailed to his pegleg.

This is John Berkeley. He is one of the founders of New Jersey.

John Berkeley

This is George Carteret. He is the other founder of New Jersey.

George Cateret

New Jersey was founded, because the king's brother decided to break off a little of the land of New York to give to two of his friends. The two friends split that land and named it 'New Jersey' after the place one of them came from.

This is William Penn.

Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania was founded, because the king of England borrowed money from William Penn's dad, and Promised to repay him after the war. Sadly, his father died shortly after, so the king of England decided to give the money back in the form of land in the New world.

Lord De La Warr

This is a Short one. So, Delaware was founded by a guy who bought land from William Penn sold, because he wanted his land to be a rectangle, named 'Lord De La Warr'.


This beautiful land, is riddled with deep valleys. Caves filled with riches, and rare minerals. The vast ocean flows into its harbors and rivers. The short but cold winters, are matched with humid summers. The humid air makes for long growing seasons. The dense forests cover the landscape, along with the fertile ground.


Now, for the real reason you might come.

Trapping is a real big industry here. Since we're in the north, wild beavers roam the dense forests, in search of fallen branches. Trappers will set up traps in forests, and then wait for a beaver to get trapped in it. If a beaver gets trapped, the trapper will harvest the fur and meat to sell in the market.

Which brings us to the next job, Lumbermen. These people will cut down trees to sell to carpenters. To the benefit of trappers, doing this will result in more beavers getting trapped, while they search for sticks.

Next on the list, shipbuilding. With the lumber the lumberjacks cut, carpenters will make ships out of the thick wood. When they are done, they sell the ship to merchants.

Next up, are the merchants. The merchants will never stay in one place for too long, because they buy whatever they can from the market and sail off to sell those items somewhere where it is worth more.

Here are the miners. They will travel to the dark mines to harvest the valuable minerals, like iron, coal, and copper.

This is the most common job, farming. Farmers will grow wheat, and lots of it naming these colonies, the breadbasket colonies.



Wanna be treated fairly? Want to have the freedom of speech? Yes, then we have the place for you.

Pennsylvania is a haven. This land is home to many a folk that have come here to have all of this new freedom. But that's not all, it's capitol, Philidelphia is a place of many wonders. It has organized streets, the very first fire department, the best education for your children. But alas, if this is not enough to get you to come here I don't know what will. So please, if you move to the new world, just consider moving here.


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