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Welcome to my portofolio.

My name is Sorin Bobeic─â, but people call me Bobby. I learned how to use Photoshop somewhere around 2012, using nothing but Youtube as a learning resource.


..you may ask. Although I did not continuously work from 2012 until present, I made sure I created a diversity of projects, from rendering images, editing facial details or simply coloring some photos.

I worked two years for my high-school Students' Council, creating invitations or posters for different events.

Creating and editing photos is my passion. Although I am not doing this for a living, I truly believe that passions should put 'bread on the table', as a Romanian saying taught me. I am trying to develop my skills to transform this hobby into a full-time, satisfying job. One small step at a time.

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Sorin Bobeica

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