The Black Death By Emma Jarvis

The Black Death was a horrible plague brought from China to Europe.
The rats had fleas on them and the fleas would bite the people and give them diseases.
People would stock ships and these rats would go on these ships.
Then, these rats would scatter of the ships into Europe.
Then, the fleas would bite them and the people would get the Black Death.
Normally, people would live for 2-3 days.
The doctors wore bird like masks that acted like a gas mask. These masks had herbs in them because it made them smell nice.
They also thought that since the air smelled bad, they smelled bad...yes, I will admit...they were very stupid.
People thought that this was a punishment from God, so they punished themselves to say they were sorry.
Also the Plague went on and off. When your grandparents were children there was the plague, when your parents were kids there was the Plague, and when you were a kid there was the Plague. You get the jist?
Also there was a serious labor shortage, the workers were demanding higher wages, and landlords refused to pay them. The peasants left the manors and went else where to find employment.
Also the disease hurt the church because they didn't understand why the prayers they made weren't getting answered...
And that's my version of telling the Bubonic Plague/ The Black Death! (Wow, they weren't educated!)

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