Makinsey Chipman Sizemore Huma 1315-3A1

I first heard about the Houston Texans try outs from my cousin, Danielle. Beings that I have danced and cheered my entire life, I thought what better way to continue that passion. Leading up to try outs I was nervous. Nervous because I had set a bar for myself, and knew anything under that would not be acceptable. The day came, I woke up excited as ever. I got my make-up and hair done, and made my way to Houston. I was overwhelmed by how many women were there chasing the same dream that I was. I received my try out number, and then we were all thrown into the ring. They taught us the dance routine for the first round in under twenty minutes. I made it past the round, excited as ever, and surpassed the bar that was set for myself.

My friends and I have grown up together since Pre School. As we got older, we grew closer, inseperable so to say. When i'm not hard at it in the books for school, which is all the time of course, they are my break from life. We confide in one another on a daily basis, and I couldn't choose a better set of people to call my friends.

When I was two my dad got me a miniature schnauzer. We had him for sixteen years, then as age started to get the best of him, we made the very hard decision to put him down. We went months without a puppy and the house was entirely too quiet. My dad surprised my mom and I with Luke (pictured) on Valentines day 2016. He has helped us tremendously after the difficult time of having to put down Reggie. We see a lot of Reggie in Luke, and we couldn't be happier that he is a huge part of this family.

Last but certainly not least, we have my family, which is the most important to me of all. I couldn't be any more thankful to have such a supportive group of people to call my own. They love me unconditionally, even though I know that has to be difficult at times.

All of these wonderful people/events have made me who and what I am today. I'm genuinely grateful, and couldn't have been more blessed in this life of mine.


All photos are originals and taken by me.

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