The Bachelor: The Final Rose By Rachel Rinehart

After a stressful roller coaster of emotions, Bachelor Nation is finally at the season finale. Peter Weber had a heartbreaking exit on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette, and his innocent smile and dorky dance moves charmed the audience. Chris Harrison announced that Peter would be the Bachelor, and he seemed the best option since fan favorites Tyler Cameron and Mike Johnson openly dated after they left The Bachelorette, which rules them out as potential Bachelors. Pilot Pete's journey began January 6, and it has been a rocky road of frustration ever since night one.

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Clearly upset with her decision and now lonely love life, Hannah Brown was the last to step out of the limo on night one, throwing Peter for a loop. It had only been a matter of a few months since she broke his heart, and he clearly still have feelings for her. She left the cocktail party, but returned on the first date where she told Peter she regretted sending him home. Peter asks her to join the show, and thought he eventually takes back the invitation, this is the first evidence of Peter not making the right decision and rewarding drama. As every season of this television drama, there are conflicts in the house between the women. In many of the cases, especially the Alayah drama, Peter rewarded the wrong woman. This has caused Bachelor Nation to become frustrated with Peter, and Elyse Pilcher says Peter "is too much of a push over and he has let the girls dictate his decisions".

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Nine weeks after the first cocktail party, Peter has narrowed 30 women down to two women. Madison and Hannah Ann are the two relationships that have developed the most with Peter. The two ladies met his family, Hannah Ann for the first time and Madison for the second time. The Weber's were very taken with Hannah Ann, Barbara Weber even said she was "an angel". The Weber family was not as pleased with Madison, even though they liked her when they met her on a date with Peter earlier in the season. Peter's mom, dad, and brother were all concerned with the different lifestyles of Madison and Peter.

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After a conflicting talk with Barbara Weber, Madison stays true to her moral and realizes she cannot change herself for Peter. Like her one on one date from last week's episode, Madison walks away from Peter, this time permanently. Or so Bachelor Nation thought. In the sneak peak of Tuesday March 10's episode, fans see Madison talking to Chris Harrison, saying she regrets what she did. According to Chris Harrison, no one knows what will happen Tuesday, not even Peter. Fans are on the edge of their seats.

On who she thinks should win, Annabelle Pugh says "I think that Madison should win. Do I think that Madison will win? Probably not. I think that Peter is a little bit too emotional and hormonal for this show, and although he is 28 years old, I think that all of these girls are more emotionally stable than Peter. I'm rooting for Madison, but at the same time Madison is too good for Peter". Ella Brown agrees and is angry with Peter and his decisions. Brown says "I personally believe that Madison is too good for Peter, and he does not deserve her. She is absolutely gorgeous and I think that he should have to be stuck with Hannah Ann".

Barbara Weber was advertised with the now famous quote "Don't let her go. Bring her home to us", and Monday March 9's episode revealed that that was about Hannah Ann and not Madison as expected. Fans were upset about the way that influenced Peter. Elyse Pilcher says "Tonights episode was really crazy, to say the least. There's no words. I just really did not see the whole Barbara Weber [Peter's mother] not liking Madi thing coming. You just could really see in Peter's eyes that he was really in love with Madison and Hannah Ann is not the option". Ella Brown says "Barb needs to be put in her place. Her child is clearly happy, and she is like 'Oh, I actually hate her' when there is nothing to hate. However it is kind of annoying for her to leave and then come back, leave and then come back"

So what do fans think is going to happen? Annabelle Pugh says "I just don't think Peter and Hannah Ann are on the same page. throughout the clips of Peter and Hannah Ann after Madison left, it's clear that he was not right and Hannah Ann is not right for him. It is annoying that Madison's going to leave and come back, and then leave and come back again, but there's just love there". Elyse Pilcher agrees and thinks "Peter should make the Madison choice, and I am excited to see that". To find out if Peter proposes to Madison or Hannah Ann, tune in to ABC Tuesday, March 10 to see the final rose to be given out.


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