THE CROSS and the tree of life

The remarkable thing about Jesus is that He was, so to speak, crucified on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Yet by doing so he turned it into the tree of life. Jesus undid the death sentence that was passed on all when Adam and Eve ate the fruit which makes all ‘surely die.’ But anyone who eats Jesus lives. Jesus and the cross should be seen together. It’s the cross of Jesus that put death to death. It was Jesus the person who turned death into life. It’s the resurrection from the death of that cross that gives us His life. Jesus is the resurrection and the life in person. He is life itself.

There is a culture of love and life that flows from Jesus. This is the new creation and the Kingdom of God. Jesus makes alive, families, churches, society and the nations. He joins the entire creation by love and fills all things with His life. The new creation lives in Jesus and He is its life.

A culture of life

The Kingdom of God’s Son is the life of Jesus in you, in the people and in all things. This Kingdom is magnified and multiplied as people live in Jesus rather than in things. Particularly does it advance when Jesus is the life of His people rather than religion an attempted life. This is why we are moving from the church age to the Kingdom age. When Jesus is entirely the life of Believers this will be the church Jesus has built. The church that is the manifestation of Christ in His people is the Kingdom of God. They are one and the same and nothing of man or the Enemy will be able to thwart its advance.

Life of Jesus in you!

This Kingdom is all of the Spirit and none of the flesh. The former is everything and the latter is worthless. Yet recalcitrants insist on clinging to its various forms because it’s what they know. It’s where they get their identity. It’s what they think gives them a modicum of respectability because ‘there is something they can do.’ It’s what many have learned to live with even if is a form of death. It’s what a good many have made a life and a career from – creating dependency and replicating a veiled imitation of the system of the world where the many exist for the fame and well-being of the few. Let us take stock and repent of taking His name in vain.

Religion is death disguised as life.

I found this in a journal called ‘The Conversation’ some time ago. This is a paraphrase. ‘Powerful oligarchies, embedded systems and predatory politics, have little interest in tackling corruption, obfuscation and the many forms of un-life. For them the system works.’ This was written about the system of the world but it has implications for parts of the church. It’s their attitude too. Jesus died to multiply life without limit. This being the case who dare oppose Him using the conceit of opposing His life in His very name?!

Implications for the church

‘See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven’ Matt 18.10 NIV. Don't money-change religion to the innocent and naive. You are competent to minister the Kingdom when you are positioned in the new covenant.

Show them the path to the His life in you.

The cross is not the ground for morbidity. The Lord's Table is not about mourning the cross and wringing one's hands in lament. Nothing as religious as that. It's about God's life gifted to you in Jesus. Eat Him and life, even with its challengers and woes will be a banquet and an adventure.

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