Our Tuition Promise

We think Ben Franklin would be pleased.

Rosemont’s Our Tuition Promise has made a small, private college experience possible for me. Without it, I would have likely had to attend a large, public university. Because of Rosemont’s commitment to making its tuition affordable for me and my family, I know that I will graduate with all of the benefits of a Catholic, liberal arts education without financial burdens, plus all of the wonderful experiences that the POWER of small provides.

- Frankie DiGironimo ’21

I applied to all large schools but I knew about Rosemont from my grandmother. She also graduated from Rosemont. I decided to apply and the financial aid was a big factor for me. I am an education major here at Rosemont and it is exactly where I am supposed to be. I plan to teach in an elementary school. It is an amazing feeling to take a child who knows nothing and then realize you have given them the POWER to read!

- Holly Brady ’21

Learn more about how the POWER of a private Rosemont College education can be yours for the price of a public university.