Hisaharu Motoda By lawrence m.

Some pieces of artwork

Hisaharu Motoda is a Japanese print maker born in 1973 in Kumamoto, Japan. In 1999 he attended Kyushu Sangyo University and in 2001 he attended Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.

Hisaharu Motoda is an artist who specializes in printing and making prints by using a technique called lithography. Lithography is the process of printing on a flat surface that is meant to repel ink. Pretty much it is if you have a flat surface, and you coat only some parts of that surface with a liquid that will repel the ink. The other parts of the surface will collect ink and it will print on a piece of paper.

His artwork consists of taking places and landmarks that are real and still lively, and printing them as if they were abandoned or destroyed. Some of his most famous pieces are that of the Olympic Stadium in Beijing, the Opera House in Sydney, and the Marina Bay sands in Singapore, all very unique in their own certain way.

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