thomas ''we get out now, or we die trying''

All About Me

i'm thomas all i know about arriving here is that i came one month after chuck. i don't anything but my name thomas like everyone else that comes here. i get certain dreams about my past before coming here. most of them include teresa talking to me and telling me that i will be ok and this lady telling me that wicked is good. i don't know what any of this means but i'm hoping to find out soon.

my favorites kills that i have are that i'm always determined i hate to admit this but i do tend to get frustrated when i cant figure a puzzle or something out, so you can only imagine how i feel here at the maze.

My Latest Blog

i am determined to get across to the other side and get out of this maze galy not wanting to come wit me ifs fine if he wants to live in the maze for the rest of his life. me, teresa, minho, newt, and the others are getting out of here.

as we went through the maze we got through to the blades pasing be those all we had to do was run down two hallways and gt to the door and use the device that we got out of the grievers guts to let us through. th only problem was that there was a griever guarding he door on my count we would all barge at it to kill it and get through. i gave the device to chuck to keep it safe. then we barged we atacked him as much as we could but it killed two of our men. we almost i didn't make it through because chuck dropped te device while discovering more grivers they all came to attack so while we were fighting the chuck and teresa unlocked te door discovering an 8 code password. minho instantly yelled out 1 2 3 8 4 7 6 5. as it all unlocked we ran ad went through the door to be brought to a hallway.

this hallway went in two directions as we were walking we came to a door and we had found te head courters we were free what we found out was for a different story but i cant belive we made it.

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