Spaghetti Tower Kamron Barry

Arianna, Johneil, and Kamron in class working hard on a Spaghetti Tower. They were focusing really hard to get the highest tower. They also were good at collaborating ideas to make sure their tower was sturdy.
The students were finding ways to keep the tower balanced. Though it was falling apart they were working together so it would stay up. Arianna said the hardest thing about the whole project was "trying to keep it balanced".
This was a fun project to work on, and you got to know how people get when its almost like a race. Lauren says "it was kinda fun doing it in a group and getting ti know you guys" This project was a challenge at first because they weren't getting full support from their team members but as soon as they got to the highest point teams started coming together.
In the end of the whole thing the tower wasn't sturdy enough to keep it up, but they had fun working together trying their hardest to keep it up and standing. Johneil says "make it smaller to support it even more" would be something he would change for next time.

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