Life of a Broadcaster Yesenia Alvarez

This documentary will examine the life, accomplishments and triumphs of Latin Media Chicago Broadcaster Yesenia Alvarez. We will see a day in the life as she goes from the studio, events to her life at home.

Yesenia interviewing the cast of a major motion picture!

Economic Value: I think it is important for young women to have role models to look up to in the Broadcasting industry. They are able to look up to Ms. Alvarez and see Broadcast journalism as a viable career option.

Social Value: Yesenia Alvarez is a positive influence in the Chicago Latin community. She is a positive influence for young men and women. Her viewers and audience are able to engage and interact with her on her various platforms.

Cultural Values: Ms. Alvarez is essential to helping to keep the community updated and informed on the Latin and Urban Entertainment community here in Chicago.

Cinematic Values: This documentary will serve the purpose of educating the public about the Broadcast journalism industry and the life of Yesenia Alvarez. The Cinematic value will also be in the way the story is told.

For this project I am looking to highlight the skills and motivations of Yesenia. I want to discuss her short comings along with her accomplishments. We will also discuss where Yesenia sees herself in the future within her career and of she sees herself as a role model for other young women in the industry. The color tones to be highlighted in the documentary are of pinks, reds, blues and golds. The attire of Yesenia will be business casual. The production design will consist of natural architecture of Yesenia's home and her place of work. My shooting style will be handheld and also utilize the tripod. I do think filming handheld allows me to capture all the interesting moments while filming the documentary since you never know what will transpire during the filming process.

The lighting aesthetic and mis en scene will reflect Chicago and be Utilitarian in nature. I want all the lighting to be practical and naturally occurring utilizing Street lights and the natural scenery around our surroundings. I want to highlight Yesenia's interactions with the city. She also works with the local ABC News affiliate here, ABC 7. I plan on capturing footage of Yesenia in her natural element; interviewing talent and interacting with other industry professionals.

The sounds and music of the documentary will reflect Latin culture. Yesenia has experience working with many Latin and and Urban artists.

• What are the unique or high-value selling points to this project? This documentary project gives viewers the opportunity to get a glimpse inside of a Media Broadcaster's world. Viewers will also learn about Latin Pop Culture and Entertainment.

The audience and demographics of the project will include Urban city dwellers, Latino and Urban Youth and those interested in learning more about Latin culture that includes food, music and fashion.

Describe production challenges or areas of risk, and how these can be solved or minimized through your leadership skills. How can you use these skills to manage change in each area of your project? For this project the production challenges will be getting clearance to film Yesenia at certain events. She has been very helpful and instrumental in helping to make sure that I have permission to film her. I appreciate her commitment to helping me complete this project. Another challenge is of course time management and balancing working with filming. Yesenia has been flexible with this as well.

Why invest time and money into this project? Human Interest and Profile of a Person Documentaries are very important. I enjoy learning about the careers of others and how they came to their particular paths. I think others will find this beneficial as well. Young people need to know that their career choices are viable options and that they can achieve their goals in any industry! Yesenia is an example of what hard work and determination will get you! I think her story is inspirational to many Young Women and Minorities looking to make it in the Broadcast profession!

What do you, as the producer, bring to the table? Be sure to comment on how your role will affect the quality, cost, or efficiency of this project. My role is as the Director and Producer. I am working to portray my vision and for this project Yesenia Alvarez is also acting as a Co-Producer. She is helping to bring my vision to life of her portrayal which I do appreciate. My costs are minimal but the biggest cost will be transportation. I do stay in the city and do not have a car so I must utilize Rideshare options such as Uber and Lyft to transport myself along with the equipment.


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