Heracles/Hercules The stronGest man in mythology

It would be easy to write this hero off as a baboon of a man who just got by with luck and help from the gods but you would be wrong. He may not have been the smartest but he had common sense and the humility to perform 12 labors for one king for ten years. All his deeds were recorded so here they are

Slay the Nemion lion

His first task was to slay the nemean loin, a lion with indestructible fur in one version he simply overwhelmed the loin and strangled it. In another story he shot it in the mouth with an arrow. Ironically this made the king he worked for afraid of him.

Killing The Lernean Hydra

This next task Heracles could not do alone so with the help of a man named Iolaus he kill the hydra and dipped his arrows in its blood witch was said to be so deadly it could kill gods.

The Hind of Ceryneia

His next objective was to capture and kill a hind (red dear) and bring back its skin.

The Erymanthian Boar

Next he had to bring back the erymanthian boar he did this by chasing the boar around a mountain till it ran out of breath

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