A Change in Environment By: Justin Guerra, Luke Snyder, Semaj Crowley- Hearns

Chapter 1:

Man and nature battle daily against one another for the ability to overcome and restore themselves. Nature has a natural beauty to it from the sounds to the “stilted heron” and sounds that are involved in and around it. In chapter one our two main characters are seen in this picture just off of a highway walking down in this clearing of the woods which they are soon to be engulfed within. When they arrive damage has already been done to this small portion of land by man, but while their staying there they only take more from the spot and from nature. From the water that is drank to the wood they burn in the fire they are all adding to the fuel that keeps the battle for nature going as it tries to reverse what humans have done. In Addition Man’s marks are left and scraped on to the land through mashed down earth to broken and wore limbs of the body of earth as fires are created and parties are had to supply human interest and break down earth farther.

Chapter 2:

In chapter two the bunkhouse was a long, rectangular building, inside of the building the walls were whitewashed and the floor was unpainted. Three of the walls had small square windows and on the fourth wall there was a solid door with a wooden latch on it. Against the walls there was eight bunks and five of them were made up with blankets and the other three was showing their burlap ticking. Over each of the bunks there was a nailed apple box with the opening forward which made them into shelves. The shelves were loaded with all personal belongings such as, little articles, soap, and talcum powder, razors. On the shelves there were medicines, little vials, combs, and neckties. Next to one of the walls laid a black cast iron oven, the stoves pipes lead straight the ceiling of the bunk. In the middle of the bunk there was a table with playing cards and standing around it was boxes for people to sit and actually play with the cards. The description that Steinbeck gives to us in this chapter has given us a brief picture about how their living environment is.

Comparison of Atmosphere:

Of Mice and Men, during sections One and Two, it was shown that tension was beginning to arise as the character’s story begins to unfold. Section One displayed the message of the daily battle between Man and Nature, which was shown when the environment of the small forests began to change with the introduction of humans. When Lennie and George were introduced, we were given insight on what their current situation was, as well as what their objective was. Two men, run out of town due to a simple mistake made by Lennie created this whole new situation which our characters must lived through. With this, both George and Lennie were looking for jobs so that they could support the dream of living in solitude, where they could escape the worries of the world together. Chapter One shows how relaxed both characters were about acquiring the jobs, however all this had changed when actually arriving at the new Ranch. The shift to Section Two brought along a sense of tension for the characters when problems such as (1) Suspicion with the Boss; (2) Lennie’s Temptation; (3) Problems with Curly; etc; begun to arise.

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