Athena The Goddess of wisdom and reason

Athena, the goddess of wisdom and reason. She was the daughter of the great and powerful Zeus. Athena’s birth was a more unique way, by that she did not have a mother, instead she sprang full grown. She was a fierce and brave woman in battle, however she only took place in battle when it was defending her own state or home from any enemies trying to attack. Athena wasn’t only brave in war, she invented things we use today! For example, a bridal that lets man tame/control horses, the trumpet, the flute, the pot, the plow, the rake etc.

Though her spirits hid behind armor of bravery, she was rather intelligent. Fighting in war each time enemies attacked her own, it struck that she had a lot of courage too. Obviously, from fighting and being raised by her father, Zeus, she has a lot of experience and wisdom. Athena just had the character where she made everyone proud, no matter if she lost in a battle or won in a battle, she always made an effort in protecting her home place.

The theme for Athena's myth is man struggles with nature. Man struggles with nature states that they battle human tendencies, Athena, the warrior that she is, always battles against enemies attacking her home or state.



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