Concussions By Henry Sopko

Part 1- What I Knew & Didn't Know

I knew

  • Concussions can cause a lot of troubles in the future
  • Leagues are making changes to make the games more safe
  • A lot of pain can occur
  • Parents are not letting their children play sports because of concussions
  • Concussions are technically bruised brains

I Didn't Know

  • How often a concussion occurs
  • What the feeling is like during a concussion
  • What is the main rule change that is happening
  • A typical recovery time
  • Different types of concussions
  • The overall consequences

Part 2- Why is this important?


  • What are possible treatments?
  • What does it feel like when a concussion occurs?
  • What are professional leagues doing to help prevent concussions?
  • How often do concussions occur?
  • If this keeps up, then what are the consequences?

Personal Connections

  • I play football
  • I have expirenced a concussion before
  • I have seen concussions that seem to be very dangerous

Part 3- The Search


  • Helpful- Data websites
  • Helpful- Scientific websites (studies)
  • Helpful- Videos
  • Non-Helpful- Blogs
  • Non-Helpful- Websites that explained concussions

Essential questions & Overall view change

  • How serious concussions are
  • Figured out most questions but not all
  • Scary

Worked Well & Not Well

  • Easy to stay on top of my work
  • Kept me learning new things
  • Giving me task I needed to complete
  • Finding good articles
  • Finding reliable sources

Part 4- What I Learned

  • Concussions occur when they brain bounces back and forth
  • Concussions can make sports run out of business
  • People are not taking them as seriously as they should
  • Things need to change before it is too late

What are possible treatments?

  • No specific medications
  • Rest
  • Restricting activities (video games, TV, sports)
  • Reduce socializing
  • Pain medications to help

What does it feel like when a concussion occurs?

  • Dizziness
  • Black out
  • Pain
  • Confusion

What are professional leagues doing to help prevent concussions?

  • Protocol
  • Heads up
  • Rest times
  • Minimum injury reserve
  • Rule changes

How often does a concussion occur?

  • 87% of boxers will have a concussion
  • A traumatic brain injury occurs every 15 seconds
  • 1.5 million Americans suffer from traumatic brain injuries
  • Average of 1 concussion for every 5.5 games in football

If this keeps up, then what are the consequences?

  • Sports could go extinct
  • Too dangerous
  • Parents too scared
  • Sports changing completely (NFL rules)

Wrap up and Reflect

  • When will there be treatments?
  • The future for sports
  • I would stay on top of my work
  • Try harder to find better articles

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