Air Cannon Portfolio By Gavin

The point of this project was to assemble a cannon made of PVC pipe and a water valve. With our cannon we had to create a base that allowed the cannon to move on its x and y-axis to move it into different angles and positions so it can be fired at several targets in different locations for us to shoot at. We also have to create a system with the Arduino circuit that can fire the cannon for us without us moving the cannon.


When we started designing we had to create a stabilizer for our cannon that suppressed the recoil that came from firing the cannon. The process took a longer time that it should have. Our designing and On Shape process with the help of the box maker website we were able to create the box on On Shape. However the hardest part of that project was cutting it out. There wasn't enough space on the wood that we were given, so we spent a lot of time downsizing the box and trying to find a compromise to create our box.


Created with images by Ozzy Delaney - "Cannon"

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