Snowball County By, Zakerie, Eddie, lorenzo and dustin

We the great leaders of Snowball County haveset up strict rules for this amazing place now to start everyone must be in there dorm and if caught out you will be given a 3 warning type system. If you get the 3 warnings you will be sent out Snowball County and never let in again u will get ur job at the year u turn 18 you do not get to chose your job it will be chow by a small group of people that are chose by one of the four elders.elders are the highest people you will see yet there is one higher then the rest of the elder he is know as supreme commander he will deal with who gets kick out at the age of 60 you are put in clinic until you turn 65 then u will be let go in to the old world.Snowball can hold up to 200 boys 200 girls and up to 400 adults now you have a choice how you have as your wife/husband but if you don't have one by you turn 20 the elders will put you in a pool of names and drawn 2 names one man one woman and they would be married now to do stuff like that elders have a medium group of people who are below the elders that run the job stuff but nothing major like a banishing someone only elders can deside someone's punishment of that sort here in this place of hope we will make it great again not for the men but for the lives and dreams of everyone in the outside world.

Our Main food is Fish, Bread, and Wheat

We have a money system. You will be payed at the end of the week, you will not be given the money you must work for that said money.

YOU MUST PAY $5,000 to join the County. You may make payments of $1,500 a month if approved! There will be education for your kids.

The County will be located in The Alaskan Trails so terrain will be rough but you'll survive with our over protected force fields, an there will be a weather system that will inform you if there will be a unexpected weather issues.

Sunset of your new home

Your transportation will be bikes and sled-dogs


Created with images by LalalaB - "sunset sea island" • Hardrockster - "fish feeding sea" • *~Dawn~* - "Somewhere in Alaska..." • Drew Avery - "Annual Dog Sled Race" • Mimzy - "back to school pencils rainbow" • Dalibor Tomic - "Greece Flag"

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